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Description:   Random apps I have found on the interwebs and used other peoples stuff, put it together : D For ex: Gimp 2.6.7 portable (from gimp.org and portableapps.com) combined with a lot of scripts. Author of any of this? Contact me, ill be sure to make a readme

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App Log App Log is a free facility to log for online applications. The design is simply controlled over the web URL. It is hosted by Google App Engine written in Java.

App Revolution App Revolution is a software suite that has software for flash drives, ipods, CPUS, and many other data storage units. ASCII Art MakerIcon ExtractorTATApp Revolution Text EditorAddress Book

App Timer I created this little app in Python as a sleep timer for TV, but it is able to turn off any given program, and optionally turn off the monitor, after a specified amount of time. Source tested on Python 2.6+ and wxPython 2.8 in Ubuntu ...

Apples to Apples Java app The name says it all - a distributed java app for the Apples to Apples card game. An executable jar will be available soon.

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Tiny ERP,Open Source ERP & Inventory App A small ERP system written in vb6 /Sqlserver.Open Source ERP & Inventory App.If you need any customization or support please mail us at bitvantage@hotmail.com

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::torneTron:: torneTron es un sistema de gestion de torneos basado en web(PHP+MYSQL). Permite ligas, eliminatorias y mas, individual o en equipo. Los equipos pueden darse de alta ellos mismos y seguir el torneo desde la web. Orientado originalmente a partys LAN.

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